First Aid
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1. First Aid

The HSE website provides information for employers, employees, first-aiders and training organisations on first aid at work.

As a minimum, all Dalkeith Thistle FC premises will have a first-aid box and a person appointed to take charge of first-aid arrangements, such as calling the emergency services if necessary.

For more info on HSE Website: LINK

Priorities of treatment - Primary Survey

Use DRs ABC (doctor ABC) to remember the primary survey sequence

- ensure that the casualty, any bystanders and you are safe

- check to see if the casualty is conscious. Gently shake or tap the shoulders and ask loudly 'are you alright?'
- Unconscious casualties take priority and need urgent treatment

- call for assistance

- Identify and treat any life-threatening airway problems (such as chocking or suffocation)
- If the casualty is unconscious, tilt the head to open the airway.
- when the airway is clear / opened, move on to Breathing:

- Identify and treat any life-threatening breathing problems (such as asthma).
- If the casualty is unconscious and not breathing normally, perform CPR. Once you start CPR, you are unlikely to move on to the next step in the primary survey.
- When life-threatening breathing problems have been ruled out or treated, move on to Circulation:

- Identify and treat any life-threatening circulation problems (such as severe bleeding or heart attack)
- When life-threatening circulation problems have been ruled out or treated, the primary survey is complete. You can now perform a Secondary Survey to look for other conditions