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1. Introduction

Dalkeith Community Football Club
Dalkeith Thistle FC and Dalkeith Miners CYP came together in 2015 to form a Community Football club.

The Purpose and Objectives of the Community Club are as follows:
1. The object of the Club will be to promote the welfare of all participants/members and in furtherance thereof.
2. Increase opportunities for people to participate in football at all levels.
3. Provide good quality sporting facilities for the community of Dalkeith.
4. Encourage the development of girls and women's football.
5. To develop pathways to allow people to develop their full potential and to raise general standards in football at a local level.
6. To promote the concept of healthy living to all the Club members through participation in sport and exercise.
7. To encourage people to take up football coaching, and to provide opportunities for existing volunteers, leaders and coaches to develop their potential.
8. To promote the development of an appropriate community sports club structure taking into account best practice examples from other clubs and organisations.
9. To encourage further links and partnerships projects with local schools, voluntary groups, disability groups and other organisations as appropriate.
10. The Club, and all associated teams, shall be non-sectarian and shall not discriminate against any political opinion.
11. The Club will adopt the Scottish Football Association Safe Child Policy in relation to child protection, and copies will be available on request.

This scheme is now well established, and provides enhanced support to grassroots football. The scheme is open to clubs and schools affiliated to all organisations involved in the non-professional game, as follows:

- East of Scotland League
- South of Scotland League
- Scottish Amateurs FA
- Scottish Youth FA
- Scottish Schools FA
- Scottish Welfare FA
- Scottish Women's Football

This is an important step towards the game developing a strong player pathway which encourages participation from children's football right through to adulthood.

The Quality Mark scheme has taken on board the 'Positive Coaching Scotland' philosophy which is a key project in modernising and improving our game

You can find a host of information on grassroots clubs at the SFA's online support for clubs, coaches and volunteers at